Three-wire cable with high flexibility, female-male 30 cm. Pack of 5 pieces.


Pack of 5 pieces.
Three-wire cable 22 AWG  with high flexibility, female-male 50 cm.

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This three-wire cable has a very high flexibility.

This 30 cm (12-inch) long flat cable is made of three 22 AWG cables and comes in white, red and black, and is great for making extensions.
On the one end, it has a Dupont/JR type male connector and on the other side a female connector of the same Dupont/JR type.
The distance between contact is 2.54 mm.
It is good to be used as the estention for the Theremino Master System for I/O ports for the pins 1 to 6 as is. With a little rework, it can be used with the other I/O ports.

The type of connector used on this cable, is normally used at the end of the wire of the servo motors used in radio controlled models.

The our cable is 22 AWG have great flexibility because inside there are a lot of thin conductor as show:

What stay inside our 22 AWG.

The male connector is covered by a slides to protect the pin and the connection, as show in the below image:

Male, Female connector and the slider.
Male and Female Dupont/JR connector and the slider to protect the male pins.

If is needed, to re-allocate the male pins, unlatch the slider cover using a small flat screwdriver to rise part of the cover to unlock the detent and remove the slider as show:

Unlatch the slider cover using a small flat screwdriver.
Unlatch the slider cover using a small flat screwdriver.

To reallocate the contacts can be made easily using a needle.