Analog joystick.


Principle of the operations.

The effect resulting from the joystick lever displacement is determined by the resistive variation, carried out by means of the pair of potentiometers of which the resistance value from the Theremino Master is constituted and acquired.

The nominal resistance of the potentiometer is 10.000 Ohm.


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The joystick transforms the movement of the hand into an analog electric signal that can be read by the Theremino Master.
This analog joystick allows gradual variations in the intensity of movement in any direction, usually referring to the Cartesian plane with the X and Y movements.
For example, with this joystick you can move two stepper motors, and depending on the angle or position of the joystick. Therefore, depending on the value read by the ADC and entering the value in the associated slot, the program can move the engine by a certain amount or change the speed or acceleration.
Pressing the joystich activates a switch that can be connected to the Theremino Master.

If you connect this joystick to the Theremino Master, you must be careful and connect the “+5” pin not to the 5 volts of the Master, but to the pins where the voltage of 3.3 Volt is present.
This is because the Theremino Master accepts the ADC inputs in the range from 0 Volt to 3.3 Volt.

Analog Joystick

Schematic of joystick




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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 180 × 120 × 60 mm