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Communicating via radio with IotModule (ESP32) TTGO T7

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IotHAL ? Communicating via radio with IotModule (ESP32)

IotHAL V0.4

The IotHAL connects the IotModule with high-level software, via WiFi and network.

The I.O.T acronyms. IotModule of going to ?Internet Of Things?. And these modules, programmable with the same IDE Arduino, They are truly versatile.

Here are their characteristics:

– Immediate management of the Input-Output, as always with the system Theremino.
– significantly more power (240 MHz clock against 16 MHz of the Master).
– Dual-Core Processor 32 bit (against the 16 bit dei Master).
-Support for fast operations on floating point numbers Single and Double.
-Operation via WiFi

-Easy to program them to read special sensors
-Programmable with the same Arduino IDE (Note 1)
-Ability to use the same firmware and Arduino libraries

(Note 1)
Please read the previous paragraph to change the colors of the lower zone of Arduino,
unreadable by a dark red on black, normal color and easy to read.

– Number of considerably greater Pin (28 against the 12 current)
– 8 ADC inputs 12 bit (14 oversampled) against the 10 bit current (12 overload.)
– 2 DAC outputs 8 bit
– 10 capacitive inputs
– 16 uscite PWM
– 3 SPI interfaces
– 3 UART interfaces
– 2 I2C interfaces
– 2 I2S interfaces
– 4 timers a 64 bit
– Integrated Flash Memory
– 520 Kbyte data cache
– 4 Mega Byte Program (flash)
– Possibility of connecting the module Theremino ADC24

Open chance not achievable with the Master, for example, place a room at ions or a hard-to-reach locations with geiger in a signal cable. Or build vehicles controlled via Wifi, as seen in the video Mars mission.


Iot HAL with 64 Pins


In this image you see the IOT HAL ESP32 connected to a module that has been configured with the maximum possible number of Pin.

I am well 64 PIN, but they use it less you can reconfigure the module to use and see only those who serve. At times even a single Pin.

All these Pin is transferred via WiFi, with a single exchange and the transfer time it is practically the same for any number of Pin.

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The indication Rep Freq. (FPS) Valori approximate indica. The measured values ??are quite right around 200 fps and become increasingly incorrect (by default, and very), FPS as you grow and approach 1000. Do not modify the calculations because now we are all used for years in these indications and change would create too much confusion. However, for all automation uses and reading of a repeat sensors higher 100 FPS is always enough.

Download documentation (12/03/2020)