Current Sensor V1


This sensor is recommended for measuring the current absorbed by devices powered by direct current. for example to monitor the current absorbed by small motors.

The peculiarity of this circuit is the ability to measure the positive power current of any device that operates with voltages up to 28 volts.

Current Sensor V1 drawing.


The current measurement is performed from the INPUT connector, by connecting pin 1 to the power supply and pin 2 to the load.

On the OUTPUT connector there are the analog output signal that can connected to  the Theremino Masted ADC input pins (according to the HAL set up) and read the value of the current.

Changing the resistor R1, which must be from 1Watt at minimum, better if is 2 Watt, different measurement ranges can be obtained, as shown in the diagram.

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This special sensor converts the ADC inputs of the Theremino Master module into a high-sensitivity current sensor.

You can monitor the current absorbed by the devices you are controlling from the applications that run in the Windows 10 environment.


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