Kit Theremin


The Theremin kit is composed by two CapSensors, one Theremino Master, two high quality interconnection cable, one of 30 cm long and one of 50 cm long and two short cable used for antennas.

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A complete description of the Theremino Theremin can be found here: Theremino System – Theremin

The PDF documentation can be found at the following link:

The kit Theremin, has everything needed to build a valid Theremin with good performance.
What is missing for a complete theremin is the box and the two antennas, the volume antenna and the note antenna.
The Theremino Kit is shipped already configured and tested with the two CapSensor as show:

Theremin Kit connected

The HAL,  shall be configured as show:

Theremino HAL configured for Theremin

to which are assigned the default values that will be correctly recognized by the software OPEN SOURCE Theremin downloadable from here:  Theremino Theremin  as from this image:

Theremino Theremin software

the slot address for the note is 110 and the slot address for the volume is  111.

For interact with the development team, go to the blog of Theremino System, the language is in Italian and English.


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