Driver DRV8825


This assembled PCB carry the Texas Instruments chip DRV8825.

– Step, Direction and Enable control interface

– Available six step resolutions: fullstep, halfstep, 1/4 step, 1/8 step, 1/16 step and 1/32 step.

– Adjustable current control lets to set maximum current output with a micro potentiometer, which lets you to use voltages above your stepper motors voltage to achieve higher step rates

– Automated chopping control that automatically selects the right current decay mode as slow decay or fast decay.

– Up to maximum of 45 Volt supply

– Built in regulator voltage regulator

– Compatible interface with 3.3 Volt and 5 Volt

– Over temperature thermal shutdown with over current shutdown with under voltage lockout.

– Short circuit to ground and shorted load protection.

– PCB: 4 layer with improved heat dissipation.

– Solderable ground pad below the Texas Instrument IC on the bottom of the PCB

– Module in standard size.

For each PCBA shipped, there are bundled one heatsink.



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Stepper motor driver using the Texas Instrument DRV 8825 high efficiency driver.

Selectable up to 32 microsteps.

For information about setting and tune the current of this driver read this page.


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