Theremino OptoRele V3


A MOSFET photo relay

The input connector is a 3-pole, so follow the thereminic standard which provides + 5VDC central pole. But in this circuit the +5 Volt is not used, then you can use two single cables Dupont for SIGNAL and GND.

If is needed to drive high current, you shall make a short by soldering Central pin with GND on the bottom side of the PCB, in that way you could carry only one cable (GND) and then use the Central Server to bring mass all other modules.

The best use is with Theremino System. The Theremino modular input/output.

Theremino system is running in native mode under Windows 10.

The Theremino Master can drive this opto MOSFET in PWM mode to dimmer large load.

This opto MOSFET can be used also on Arduino system withour any modification.

More info on the Theremino official site:

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