Cap Sensor HQ – V4


Capacitor Sensor,   a slave of the Theremino Master. It work in the range of distances from a few centimeters to a few meters it provides performance unattainable by any other means of tecnology.
Unlike the ultrasonic sensors the measurement is always gradual, can not in any way “jump” from a distance to another, due to the reflections of the signal or the detection of multiple obstacles.
The detection is always stable and precise with a fast response time, in the order of milliseconds.
The CapSensorHQ is perfect to control with your hands in a linear and always soft fashion the characteristics of sound and video, motors, light etc etc.

With two of this devices connected to a Theremino Master, can be build a Digital Theremin with the software that can be downloaded here.


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This slave device measures the distance of a conductive object (usually an hand) in the range of distances from a few centimeters to a few meters provides performance unattainable with any other detection system.

For documentation click here.

We ship the CapSensorHQ with the latest of firmware, containing the new “Dynamic latency” algorithm.

• Range of measurable capacitance: 0.001 pF to 10 pF
• Resolution: one thousandth of a pF
• Stability: about a thousandth of pF
• Detection of small objects (hand): up to a few meters
• Detection of large objects (a car): up to tens of meters
• Accuracy and stability on the distance detected: from a few mm to a few tens of cm
• Sensor size varies from square centimeter to square meter Technology

A low-noise FET and the analog-digital conversion to 24 bits allow to obtain an extreme sensitivity, and a great stability, measuring a very small capacitance.


With two of CapSensrHQ connected with a Master as below:

Master and two CapSensorHQ

and the software Theremin, that can be see here:

Theremino System Theremin.

You can build a very good digital Theremin under Windows 10.


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