Stepper Motor NEMA 28


This stepper motor of 1.8 degree for step, 200 steps for a full run.

Is a perfect motor to be driven by the DRV8825, and the ST820.

The cable is terminated with Dupont like connector, four position.


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Small stepper motor, to be used where the space isĀ  limited.

Dimensions and technical information:

NEMA 28 dimensions

The we sell have the motor length of 52 mm, single shaft.

On request we can supply motor of the following lenght: 32 mm, 45 mm and 52 mm. Also can be supplies with double shaft.

Stepper Motor wire colors
Stepper Motor wire colors

Reduced Stepper Motor phase and color specifications

Electrical characteristic:
– Max current: 0.67 A
– Resistance coil: 9.2 Ohm
– mH: 5.7
– kg-cm 1.2
– Number of wire: 4
– Weigh: 0.2 Kg