USB cable type A – B 1000 mm lenght with ferrite bead core


Technical characteristics of the cable:

Length: 1500 mm (approximately)
Type: A- B
Internal four colored cables:  red, green, white and black plus shield.
EMI / IMF suppression methodology: Ferrite bead.
Voltage: 5 Volt
Max current: 500 mA
Max bit rate: 20 Mbit/s


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This USB cable was selected for its high quality, robustness and full respect the standard of  USB 2.0.

To reduce the EMI, the cable is internally shielded and connected to metal part the both connector and has been a ferrite chokes to prevent radio frequency  EMI/FMI interference.

This cable is recommended to connect the Theremino Master to the PC or HUB.

This quality cable reduces the frame re-transmission allowing the Theremino Master to communicate at the maximum speed possible with the HAL.

You can found one short explanation of the USB on Wikipedia here.

USB cable A B pinout.
USB cable A B pinout.


Ferrite chokes for EMI/FMI reduction,
Ferrite chokes for EMI/FMI reduction inserted on the cable,