USB Extension cable type A male – A female, 10 m lenght with ferrite bead core


Technical characteristics of the Estention cable:

Length: 10 meters (approximately)
Type: A Male – A Female USB 2.0 .
Regeneration of the USB signal.
Internal four colored cables:  red, green, white and black plus shield.
EMI / IMF suppression methodology: Ferrite bead.
Voltage: 5 Volt
Max current: 500 mA
Max bit rate: 20 Mbit/s


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This cable Extension full respect the standard of  USB 2.0 .

At the Extension of the cable, there are a digital regeneration of the USB 2.0 signal, giving the capability to connect any USB device at full speed of over 5 meters.

We recommend using it with if a long distance is required.

To reduce the EMI, the cable is internally shielded and connected to metal part the both connector and has been a ferrite chokes to prevent radio frequency  EMI/FMI interference.

This cable is recommended to connect the Theremino Master to the PC or HUB.

This quality cable reduces the frame re-transmission allowing the Theremino Master to communicate at the maximum speed possible with the HAL.

You can found one short explanation of the USB on Wikipedia here.

USB cable A B pinout.
USB cable A B pinout.


Ferrite chokes for EMI/FMI reduction,
Ferrite chokes for EMI/FMI reduction inserted on the cable,