Single stepper driver controller board v1.1 black


This assembled PCB can carry different stepper driver and have the following characteristics:

  • Golden I / O pins
  • High quality PCB.
  • Step, Direction and Enable controller pin.
  • Three DIP switches  select the step resolutions (microstepping)
  • Carry different types of stepper drivers like Drv8825, DRV8824, A4988 and other similar driver that are pin compatible.
  • Power: from 8 to 36 volts, (we recommend not to exceed 32 volts for overheating the drivers and excessive thermal dissipation).
  • High quality PCB.

Stepper Drive PCBA black

Stepper Drive PCBA black

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A single stepper motor controller allows to insert one driver to power one motors.

It has been used to manage one single stepper motor.

You can install different types of drivers (DRV8825, A4988 and other similar driver that are pin compatible).



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